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Rift: Planes of Telara

Rift Planes of Telara

Rift Planes of Telara or simply the Rift game is one of the newest online role playing games released in March 2011 by Trion Wolds. Despite of being relatively new on the market Rift Planes of Telara has rapidly increased its popularity and built a solid player base.

The background story and the game’s lore revolve around the world of Telara and its potential destruction.  The dead god Regulos has his mind set on destroying Telara and like this is not enough the planes of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Life, and Death sometimes interfere with this world by opening up some kind of portals called rifts(as the title of the game suggests rifts are of the unique aspects in the game).

Rift Planes of Telara – The Story

The story is quite interesting, because Regulos is very close to achieving his goal and enslaving Telara former heroes are resurrected and sent back in time to prevent world destruction, these heroes called Ascendants, divided by ideology into Guardians and Defiants, are the playable characters in Rift: Planes of Telara.

Guardians are conservative and stick to the traditional ways; they have faith that the old goods will help them save Telara and they are represented by the Mathosian, High Elves and Dwarven races.

Eth, Kelari and Bahmi joined forces and they are known as Defiants and when it comes to saving the world they embrace the godless science point of view. The conflict and the division between the two major factions of the game rise from their opposite beliefs.

No matter the faction or race an Ascendant can train to become a Warrior, Cleric, Rogue or Mage and these are the available classes in Rift game.

Rift Planes of Telara – Class Choices

At a first glance, the class choice in the game may seem poor but each class can take multiple training paths and perform diverse roles.

Each class has 8 PvE talent trees and one for PvP this resulting in plenty build combinations. You start with only one build slot but you can buy additional ones from class trainers and switch between them.  For instance, Rogues can be either classical melee damage dealers, ranged damage dealers, tanks or support their group members with buffs and healing, in fact any class can perform at least 2 roles so any class you’ll chose you can be sure you won’t get bored.

Rift game has PvE(player versus environment),  PvP(player versus player) and RP(role playing) servers or mixed up PvE-RP and PvP RP servers. Each server type has a set of rules that should be read before creating a character, the current maximum level is 50. Players grow in level by completing quests, dungeons, taking part in rifts and invasions or warfronts (special player versus player areas).

The game has tons of PvE content and the world of Telara has 12 zones of different levels. A zone’s level is usually measured by the range level of the quests available there. There are starting zones for each faction (level 1 – 9), low level zones (level 10 – 20), intermediate zones (25 -30, 30 -35, 40 – 45) and end level zones (45 – 50) and because rifts can spawn practically any time, any place the world is ever changing.

Rifts scale with the zone level and they require more than one player to defeat them, if two or more players are in the proximity of a rift they will get a “join public group” button at the top of their screen so they can group automatically. When a major invasion takes place (lot of rifts spawning) it’s almost impossible to quest in that area so grouping with other players to defeat them it’s a must. This lets us believe that the game creators designed the game with a strong emphasis on community in mind.

Every zone hosts a special instanced place, called dungeon, with increased monster difficulty that drops better rewards, a group of 5 players is needed to adventure into a dungeon.

Ascendants can learn 3 professions out of a total of 9 available. There are two types of professions, gathering and crafting.

Crafting profession produce cloth, leather, chain and plate armor, weapons, consumables (vials and potions) or all sorts of items used for gear enhancement.

Gathering professions are used to gather the supplies and mats needed for crafting and they are also a nice source of income.

Rift money is called platinum. This can be earned in more ways: looted from mobs, reward for completing quests, selling items to in game vendors or at the auction house.

The auction house is a place where players can trade goods between themselves in exchange for platinum. Auction houses can be found in the main cities Sanctum or Meridian.

Platinum it’s not the only type of currency available in Rift: Planes of Telara. After defeating rifts and invasions players get planar currency that can be exchanged for all sorts of items from the specific vendors.

Rift: Planes of Telara – Hitting Level 50

Once an Ascendant hits level 50 he or she can run expert dungeons, master mode dungeons and raids.  Expert dungeons are the normal dungeons but with increased difficulty, master mode dungeons are the latest addition that came with patch 1.5 and they are harder than expert dungeons, and raids are intended for bigger groups (10 or 20 people). Rewards earned by players are various, they can range from armor and weapons to special tokens that can be used as currency to purchase powerful gear or enhancements.

The Patch 1.5 for Rift: Planes of Telara brought some changes when it comes to experience end level content.  The newly introduced Chronicles, instanced places similar to dungeons that allow smaller groups of 1 or 2 players to experience a bit of end game content and lore.

Players can engage in PvP combat against members of the opposing faction, in warfronts or anywhere on the map, this is called open world PvP. J

But like any MMORPG that knows its player base Rift game has other activities a player can engage in. Vanity pets or mounts collecting, running after artifacts, getting unique looking gear, completing unusual achievements are some of the things a procrastinating Ascendant can do.

Once in a while an event takes place in Rift: Planes of Telara. The events are usually associated with the release of a new patch or the introduction of a new raid. During an event, which usually lasts for 2 weeks, players can collect special event tokens by doing daily quests or by taking part in invasions on the world map. Special event related items, like pets, mounts, trinkets or essences, can be purchased with these tokens.

In Rift Planes of Telara players can group up and form guilds and depending on member’s interests guilds can be social leveling guilds for new players, raiding guild or PvP guilds. There are lots of things a player can solo experience in Rift but having a friendly bunch of people to chat with makes the whole Rift adventure more enjoyable.

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