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 Rift Addons

Rift Addons

Rift Addons

Back in January 2011, when Rift: Planes of Telara wasn’t even out yet Trion Worlds announced that Rift Addons were not a feature to be included in the initial game release.

Trion cleared the general feeling that was starting to float around Rift community that they are against the use of Rift addons, they stated that their API cannot yet provide the stability, safety and quality necessary for addons implementation.

Rift Addons – Issues

Apparently they fixed all those issues now and  are included in Rift patch 1.5 and we’ll get a chance to see them once the patch hits the live servers, this is scheduled for later September 2011 but this is not happening without any previous testing and Rift Addons have been available for testing on public test shards for almost 3 months now and for those interested in the technical details such as addon policy, implementation, documentation a thread regarding Rift Addons was added on Rift’s official forums.

This thread is a place for players to discuss anything and everything addon related and also for addon developers to get in touch with the Trion team in charge of addon integration.

Players interested in testing Rift addons on public test shards can either download them and install them manually or get them through Curse client, the Curse client is a piece of software used for addon management and it’s available for free.

On the Rift addons thread on Rift forums players have started a wish list with most wanted addons.

One of them is the damage recount addon, apparently for now the API does not allow displaying such info in game, the alternative is to use the combat parser.

The combat parser is a little program that provides the damage recount for a party but it cannot be accessed within the game and boss mods addons are also on the wish list, there is already one available but players want a more comprehensive one.

Addons that give a gear rating have issued lots of discussion so far and some players agree with them, some don’t and It’s almost certain that such an addon will exist and it’s up to players if they abuse it or not.

Although the Rift UI is quite customizable UI  addons are also on demand, not just action bar addons but also party/raid addons and these are helpful for players in charge with raids to organize and lead them successfully, more class related addons are something that players would like to see implemented.

Rift Addons – Patch

Once the patch 1.5 arrives and Rift addons go live more players will get a chance to test them and this means more feedback that will help addon developers to repair bugs and make the needed adjustments don’t forget though it’s not a Rift player’s duty to provide feedback on used addons but it’s a nice contribution to the Rift addon community.

I hope some of this has helped you learn more about Rift Game and if you have any questions please email me and i will do my best to help you also if you’re serious about improving your game fast I highly recommend having a look at this fantastic guide to getting from level 1 to 50 in a few days! Click here for more info

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