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 Rift Cleric

Rift Cleric

Rift Cleric

Rift’s Cleric Calling truly stands out as the most flexible and versatile from all four available Callings.  They can successfully fill in the role of a healer, support, melee damage dealer, caster damage dealer or tank.

A Rift Cleric’s gear is chainmail, it can equip two handed weapons such as staves of maces, one handed weapon and shield, totem or tome. Like Mages, their resource to cast spells is mana.

When it comes to stats the first and most important is Wisdom. Spell power, attack power and crit are valuable stats for offensive Clerics while tank Clerics should favor Endurance.

Rift Cleric and their souls

Rift Clerics have 3 healing Souls.

Purifier is a healing Soul that comes with dispel abilities, however it’s not the optimal choice as a primary Soul. Sentinel, the healing Soul with strong single target healing can be used as a primary Soul for a single target oriented healing build.

Warden Soul specializes in heals over time and can be paired with Sentinel and Purifier for a party healing build.

Justicar is the tanking Soul, it provides damage mitigation and threat generating abilities and also some self-healing spells.

Cabalist is a damage dealing Soul, it has a nice area of effect damage output. Inquisitor Soul is similar to Cabalist with less offensive abilities and some self-healing spells.

Shaman, a melee damage dealing Soul can provide elemental resistance buffs for the entire party, this Soul is also a good choice for a melee PvP build.

The Druid is another melee Soul but it also comes with a pet. The pet however cannot be used as a tank but it does some ranged damage and heals the Cleric.

Rift Cleric – PvP Soul

Due to this Calling’s flexibility, the PvP Soul, the Templar can be used in combination with almost any of the PvE Souls for a PvP build. With Purifier or Sentinel for a healing build or with Inquisitor or Cabalist for a ranged build.

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