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 Rift Rogue

Rift Rogue

Rift Rogue

Traditionally, Rift Rogues are a melee damage dealing class. But the creators of Rift decided to empower them with a few other features and make the Rogue gameplay a bit more flexible.

Rift Rogue – Special abilities

Rogue use leather as armor, for weapons they will always dual wield daggers, swords, axes and maces.

They consume energy when performing special abilities.

A Rift Rogue’s primary stat is Dexterity followed by Endurance, Strength, attack power, physical hit, crit and even dodge and parry.

Additional to melee damage dealers they can also fulfill the role of a ranged damage dealer, support or tank.

The support of a Rift Rogue

The support Rogue Soul is Bard. Although Bards have healing spells they cannot solo heal, they also have group buffs.

Riftstalker is a unique Soul for a Rogue, it has threat generating abilities and some self- heals.  That’s why it’s best used in a tanking build.

Rogues do no rely on armor for damage reduction but more on dodge and damage mitigation abilities.

The Assassin Soul is a melee damage dealing Soul, it is best used with daggers and poisons and provides burst damage.

Saboteur Soul, another offensive Soul uses bombs and explosives to deal damage.  Either Assassin or Saboteur is a viable choice for a primary Soul in a damage build.

Ranger, as the name suggests provides a pet that can either tank or do damage.

Marksman is a Soul that focuses on ranged damage dealing abilities. Along with Ranger it makes a ranged build with more than decent damage output.

Bladedancer is a Soul that has some defensive abilities, it’s not a good choice as a primary Soul for a tanking build but works really well paired with Riftstalker.

Nightblade it’s an offensive Soul that deals fire and death spells.

Infiltrator, the PvP Soul has abilities that enhance damage dealt towards other players. It can be used with Assassin for melee build, with Bard for a healing/support role.

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